havent updated for a month :(

x sussed out the free legal advice thing in ascot vale and saw that they do volunteering there by handing out free food and stuff to community in need, it was so sad.. nicole sheridan and i have decided to volunteer there

x i took my dad to gypsy & pig and i even shouted him hehe can’t wait till i earn enough money to take my parents everywhere!!

x finally took my car for car wash and discovered this nice area literally 10 minutes from my house, and nicole and i saw two ranndom cows!!

x universal for dannys 21st bday and brunetti for dessert!

x ultraglow

x hot springs with parents du and rita! it was a good fun day!! then we had a birthday family dinner at shark fin inn for rita :)

x conservatory with parents rita and patrick!

x got a virus and felt really ill for a week ):

x south melbourne market with parents :)

x went back to the nice area behind my house with timmy sheridan nicole and du and this time we saw a horse!

x trentham falls with du!

x made fresh orange juice daily :P

x hwaro kbbq for timmys birthday :)

x cafe cui first time in ages, and i went to buy olympic donut but du ate it all :(

x werribee state gorge park with nicole and du! was a fun spontaneous day, nice sunny weather :)

x finally sussed out hyakumi on keilor road lol

x g2 with du after work, because had a bad fight with cousin, finally let out everything on my mind for the past 9 months, but felt so good to let it all out and he finally understands.

x gemmas 21st birthday party

x fell off a bike down hill LOL and blacked out after it

well thats a quick update of my past month, now i have heaps of essays and assignments to do, defqon/sydney in a few days, hopefully i recover asap.

I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions or unnecessary conversations.
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1500 word essay due at 11:55PM.


100/1500 - 3:00PM
250/1500 - 4:00PM
500/1500 - 5:00PM
750/1500 - 6:30PM
1000/1500 - 8:00PM
1300/1500 - 10:00PM
1500//1500 - 11:30PM